Lawn, Irrigation and Horticultural Services

Establishing a new lawn or renovating an existing lawn is hard work and often very tricky. In North Carolina, there are Warm Season grasses such as Common and Hybrid Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia and St. Augustine, and there are Cool Season grasses such as Tall Fescue and Bluegrass.

In order to be successful at establishing a lawn, there are several factors that must be considered:

  • Soil PH and fertility
  • Shade vs Sun orientation
  • Irrigation or non-irrigated
  • Desired effect

The following contractors are experienced in and specialize in the horticultural aspects of the landscape. They typically provide planting, mulching, and maintenance type services for lawns and ornamental gardens:

H2O Matic

M&C Landscaping

Morris Irrigation Nature and Turf

Paragon Landscape Management

Garcia Lawn Services

Royal Landscapes Services

Makeover My Yard
Lake Norman Turf

Lake Norman Turf

Metro Greenscape

Green Thumb Landscaping

Benton Outdoor Living