Outdoor Living, Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces and Grills

Outdoor living areas are a great way to add value and enjoyment to any home. Installing a quality outdoor kitchen and living area requires extensive knowledge of hardscapes and design. The following professionals in the Charlotte region can provide you with the services you need for any outdoor area:

H2O Matic

CCR Backyard Design

M&C Landscaping

Ozone Pools

G&G Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.

Looper Landscaping

Tesh-Troxler Landscapes & Design

Aloha Pools

Morris Irrigation Nature and Turf

M2 Planning & Design, Inc.

Celtic Masonry


Anthony & Sylvan Pools


Makeover My Yard
Set In Stone

Set In Stone
Lake Norman Turf

Lake Norman Turf

Metro Greenscape

Green Thumb Landscaping

Benton Outdoor Living